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So, you want to know what Learnabout Electronics is all about? Well you´ve come to the right place; I´m Eric Coates and I am based in the north of England. I guess I have the grand title of Founder, CEO, Author, Illustrator, Web Developer and whatever needs doing, the do-er of it!

After a 26 year practical career in electronics, and 17 years as a lecturer in vocational colleges in the UK, as well as an examiner and course moderator for several UK Examinations Boards, I have seen much of the good and the bad in technical education, and collected a lot of experience as an electronics engineer, student and teacher.

By 2003 the Internet was taking off big time in education. So as I left full time teaching the time seemed right to spread that experience to a wider audience.

resistors on tablet

I joined a BSc (Hons) course in Web Technology at the University of Lincoln (UK), where I was probably the oldest student (ever?) to be awarded a BSc with First Class Honours and the Department prize from the School of Media Technologies. In 2009 this was followed by a Masters degree in Education (Learning, Design, Technology) from Stanford University, in Silicon Valley California, and Learnabout Electronics was launched the same year.

So Learnabout Electronics started simply as a small (but prize winning) web site as part of my university studies. Since then it has continued to grow both in size and scope to become one of the most trusted and popular electronics sites on the web. Now with over 1700 or more illustrations and animations on over 700 pages of simply explained electronics topics.

Do our methods work? Millions of users say Yes! Learnabout electronics can be translated into over 50 languages, and is currently used in over 190 countries by over a third of a million people every month. Click here to see where Learnabout Electronics is helping people learn life changing skills in electronics at this very minute.

What our users say:

Learnabout Electronics


Since its launch in 2009 the aim of Learnabout Electronics has always been to supply high quality information on electronics, no bells, no whistles, just easy to read reliable information, backed up with clear and informative illustrations. This is why we have grown to be one of the most popular on line electronics education sites on the Web, used every year by millions of independent learners, major educational publishers, armed forces training establishments as well as colleges and universities all over the world.

Learnabout Electronics is completely FREE.

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For Students


Learning about electronics? Here you will find full and easy explanations of how components and circuits really work; animated videos to make transistor operation clear, and stuff you need to know about digital electronics. Solve those problems for AC theory and know to to test transistors in our Fault Identification Section. Also get help with those essential maths problems you need when starting out in electronics. No one pretends that electronics is easy to learn but Learnabout Electronics uses well proven methods to help you learn thoroughly. Each module explains what you need to learn and a quiz at the end helps you check what you have learned. If you get any question wrong, you don't fail, we don't tell you the answer, you are guided back to where YOU can find the answer. This way you can get every question right!

For Teachers

Step by Step

Learnabout Electronics is designed to take your students one stage further in an interesting and informative way, with information suitable for students studying on a wide range of electronics courses, anywhere a practical understanding of electronic components and circuits is needed, with interactive animations and digital simulations useable on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Learnabout Electronics will provide useful support material for advanced students, as well as key information for students new to electronics.

Learnabout Electronics also links to trusted electronics industry sites worldwide. Hundreds of electronics industry companies publish information on the web. We have chosen some of the best and provided relevant links on many topics to take you directly there.

Step by Step

Step by Step

Check out our unique Step by Step learning modules. Each one starts with "What you need to know", then takes you from basic information on your chosen topic, step by step through to more complex knowledge and understanding. At the end of each module a short quiz helps you check what you have learned. A paper version of every module is also free to download to print and keep.

Learn on line, or download whole learning modules to print and keep. Just look for the pdf logo symbol at the top of many of our learning modules.

Learnabout Electronics grows and grows!

Learnabout Electronics continues to grow with new topics and new modules being developed continually. The aim of the site remains constant however. To provide the best possible on-line learning experience, freely available to all.

Much of the success of Learnabout Electronics is due to the invaluable input from users around the world who have contacted the site with suggestions, corrections and comments via our Contacts page.

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The Learnabout Electronics site is changing

As more of our pages are re-designed to make them useable on mobile devices as well as desktops, our menus have also changed.

All the pages you have used before can still be accessed with no more than 3 clicks from the main menu bar at the top of every page.

If you already have bookmarks to our old pages, don't worry, you will automatically be re-directed to the new version of that page...........(Don't forget to update any old bookmarks.)