Module 4.4

Amplifier Circuits Quiz

Try our quiz, based on the information you can find in Amplifiers Module 4. Submit your answers and see how many you get right. If you get any answers wrong. Just follow the hints to find the right answer and learn about Amplifiers as you go.


What would be the function of the control circuit shown in Fig. 4.4.1 in an audio amplifier?


What is the purpose of RIAA de-emphasis in an audio pre-amplifier?


When the bass and treble controls in a Baxandall passive tone control circuit are set at their mid point, what will be the approximate voltage gain of the tone control circuit?


Complete the following sentence: Compared with a bipolar transistor, using a JFET transistor in the input stage of an audio amplifier instead of a bipolar transistor provides...


Bootstrapping in an amplifier circuit refers to which of the following techniques?


Which of the following features does the circuit illustrated in Fig. 4.4.2 posess?


Which of the following would be a typical value for the input impedance of a common collector amplifier?


Refer to Fig 4.4.3. If the real value of R3 is 33KΩ and the open loop gain of the emitter follower amplifier (AO) is 0.98, what will be the apparent value R3?

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