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Module 2.0

Looking at Capacitors

What you´ll learn in Module 2

Capacitors are one of the most useful components in electronics, and after resistors are the most numerous components in circuits. This module introduces diffent types of capacitor and describes their basic operation. Later modules look at how capacitors are used in AC circuits where, together with inductors, they perform an important job in many circuits.


Any module can be selected from the bottom bar of the menus at the top of each page In this module, what you will learn is listed in the grey panel. It tells you "What you should know..." as a result of studying the complete module.

Each module is divided into several smaller sections and another "What you should know" panel explains what you will learn in that section section. Check your learning with the "Module Quiz" at the end of each module.

Study each section of the module (numbered 2.1, 2.2 etc) in order, and use the "Module Quiz" to help check your understanding.



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