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Module 10.0

LCR Parallel Circuits

What you´ll learn in Module 10

The LCR Parallel Resonant Circuit.

In introducing the LCR Series Circuit, one of the most useful combinations of "passive components" in electronics, Module 9 set the groundwork for Module 10. If the LCR series circuit is just one of the most useful circuits, here is the other one, the LCR Parallel Resonant Circuit!

 lcr-para_intro_pic.jpg Function generator

The parallel LCR circuit uses the same components as the series version, its resonant frequency can be calculated in the same way, with the same formula, but just changing the arrangement of the three components from a series to a parallel connection creates some amazing transformations. Almost everything about the series circuit is turned upside down by the parallel circuit. As you read through this module, notice how many opposites there are between series and parallel circuits. It is because of these opposite effects, that series and parallel resonant circuits can together perform very many more important tasks in analogue electronics.

 Fig-10-0-1.gif LCR Parallel Circuit

LCR Parallel Circuit