Module 6.5

Reactance Quiz

Try our quiz, based on the information you can find in Module 6. Hopefully it'll be easy. Submit your answers but don't be disappointed if you get answers wrong. Just follow the hints to find the right answer and learn more about capacitive and inductive reactance as you go.


Calculate XcWhich formula from the following list would be used to calculate the reactance of a capacitor?


Which of the following graphs illustrates the formula 2πƒ L ?Reactance graphs


What is the reactance of a 0.01µF capacitor at a frequency of 1MHz?


The effect of internal resistance in an inductor in a LR circuit is to: (Complete the sentence from the following choices)


Calculate XcCalculate the reactance of the capacitor in Fig 6.5.1.


If the frequency of the supply in Fig 6.5.1 is doubled from the value shown, how will this affect XC?


Calculate the approximate supply voltage needed to cause a current of 10mA to flow through a 15mH inductor at a supply frequency of 4kHz


What is the reactance of the inductor in Fig 6.5.2?Fig. 6.5.2


What will be the current flowing in Fig 6.5.2?


What will be the current flowing in Fig 6.5.2 if the supply frequency is doubled and the supply voltage is halved?


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