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Module 2.9

Diodes Quiz

Use the information given in Diodes Module 2.0 to 2.7. Submit your answers and see how many you get right. If you get any answers wrong, just re-read the suggested module or section to find the right answer, and learn more about Semiconductor Diodes.



Which of the symbols in Fig. 2.9.1 correctly represents a bridge rectifier?
Bridge Rectifier Question


Which of the following impurities could be used to convert intrinsic silicon to extrinsic P type silicon?


Which of the following values represents a typical junction potential of a silicon diode?


When selecting a silicon rectifier diode to rectify 230VAC which of the following VRRM values should the diode have for safe and reliable operation?


Compared to a Silicon PN Rectifier diode, which of the following characteristics would be typical of a Schottky Rectifier diode?


Which of the circuit symbols illustrated in Fig. 2.9.2 represents a Schottky diode?
Diode Symbols


Which of the output waveforms shown is correct for the circuit diagram shown in Fig.2.9.3?
Diode Question


Which of the following is a common application for Zener diodes.


Refer to Fig. 2.9.4, showing typical ratings for an LED. Which of the given resistor values would be most suitable for a current limiting resistor, if the LED is to be driven from a 12V supply?


Which class of laser diode is suitable for use in hand held laser pointers?


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