Module 1.3

AC Waves Quiz

In studying AC electronics, it is essential to know about AC waves, how they are measured, and how their values are calculated. Make sure you have a good knowledge of this to help you understand later AC Modules. Try our quiz, based on the information you can find in Module 1. Hopefully it'll be a breeze. Submit your answers but don't be disappointed if you get answers wrong. Use the hints given along with any wrong answers to relearn anything you are not sure about, find the right answer and learn more about AC waves as you go.



If a sine wave has a RMS voltage of 12volts, what will be its Peak-to-Peak voltage?


What is the peak value of a sine wave whose VAV value is 15V ?


Select the most accurate description of an AC signal


Complete the sentence "A sine wave...


If an AC waveform has a periodic time of 2ms, what will be its frequency?


Fig 1.3.1.gif
With reference to Fig 1.3.1, what is the value labelled A?


With reference to Fig 1.3.1, if the level labelled X has a value of 2V what is the value labelled B?


Fig 1.3.2In Fig 1.3.2, how many complete cycles are shown?


What value is given by the formula VPK x 0.637?


Which of the following features is true of a square wave signal?


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