Module 5.5

Phasor Quiz

Try this quiz, based on the information you can find in Module 5. Hopefully it won´t be too difficult. Submit your answers to see how well you did. If you got any answers wrong, you´ll be told where to find the right answer, so you can learn more about AC circuits and Phasors before you have another try.


In an inductor, an increase in the value of the internal resistance has the effect of: (Complete the sentence).


In a capacitor: (Complete the sentence).


Which property of a sine wave does the length of a phasor represent?


Phasors Refer to Fig. 5.5.1: Which of the following statements about Fig 5.5.1 is true?


PhasorsRefer to Fig 5.5.2: What is the phase difference θ between the supply voltage and the supply current?


PhasorsRefer to Fig 5.5.3: Which of the phasor diagrams describes a CR series Circuit?


Phasor diagram 5-5-4For the phasor diagram shown in Fig 5.5.4, calculate the phase angle θ between IS and VS.


In a parallel LCR circuit, which of the following properties is used as the reference phasor?


A phasor representing a 1kHz sine wave will rotate through how many complete radians in one second?


In a phasor diagram, the frequency of each of the waves shown by the phasors is:


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